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Saturday, June 22, 2013

can someone please tell me
why this isn't the state flower
instead of the pine cone?

Welcome to the VSR "Leftovers" – June 22, 2013

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bridges can be lined with bunchberry
at the huber preserve


….And so we find ourselves in Santa Cruz, CA (old stomping grounds) with a bunch of photos and some time to fill. Here’s a photo gallery of early June, with a lot left out for sure. There is never enough time to process. Such it is with learning.


And yes, leif saw his first bobcats (4), elephant seals, steller sea lions , steelhead trout & western fence lizards on this trip (so far). But the best has been time together. Hope you all get to hug your kid and partner daily.

Enough mushy stuff! Here’s some photos, with short and shallow commentary. Just the way we like it….

magnolia warbler taking cover
photo by john drury
tiit trick - don't forget you can click on any photo to make it bigger. bigger is better, right?

and now from the camera of john drury.... greens island and on the water....

summer tanager munching
on oak leaves
photo by john drury

summer tanager - photo by john drury

red-eyed vireo by john drury

canada warblers are always a treat to see
photo by john drury
chestnut sideds happen... by john drury


ruddy turnstones at state beach
by karen oakes
and now from the camera of karen oakes.....

ruddy's looking good - by karen oakes

black-bellied plover
by karen oakes

red-eyed vireo thru a frosty window - by karen oakes

Owls - and speaking of "leftovers" - both Angie Olson and Angie Bunker (2 of my three favorite "angie's" on the island) have reported hearing Great Horned Owls by their homes over the last few months. "Hoots your daddy" is the nickname for the group of owls, as they are likely the same owls as Angie's share a common woods behind their respective places.

hairy woodpecker dad feeding young
dad took off

and baby bird day in the basin.....

and mom took over the feeding
check out that nictitating membrane
over the youngster's eye

as far as folks have said, this may be the first Canada
Goose family on the island. note that there are 4 adults.
these guys weren't annoying at all

while weedwackin' the trails - trying to cutback some sweet tick habitat - i was tormented by three family groups of birds.

this young raven did not shut up the entire day

actually, only the raven family was noisy, and i'm not talking about susan, jud and the crew!

even when fed i could hear him screaming

the otter(s) followed this little
creek, matted some grass
and then dropped a spraint or two
it's hard to even notice flowers when otter spraint is abound!

and we end with a classic otter latrine in the basin as well.

and a couple of leify - winds are good for kite flying,

and uncle erik was kind enough to make him a monacle and fake moustache thing

and one scoping out some seals from pigeon point.

hope your days have been full of the scope views of your dreams...and don't forget