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The Vinalhaven Sightings Report is organized and edited by Kirk Gentalen on behalf of Vinalhaven Land Trust and Maine Coast Heritage Trust. Out and about on Vinalhaven, MCHT steward Kirk Gentalen reports on what he and others have seen in their travels. Contributions of stories and photos are welcome, and can be sent to


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome to the Vinalhaven Sightings Report –
July 6th, 2012
Big thanks to MCHT and VLT

Highlights – Tropicbird, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Baby Birds,, including Merlin young, Slime Mold!, Fungus!, Flowers, rain

Delays Happen! - we have been experiencing computer difficulties which have led to tartiness in the posting of the VSR.
delays will most likely will happen again.

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Trail closure in the Basin – Williams/wharf quarry road section – Temporary. Signs are up – please follow them, the local Osprey pair have taken up residence in one of the closest trees to “otter point”. Otter point is a popular swimming spot located north of the old lobster pound dam and in clear view of the O’neill house. Otter point is achieved by taking a short off-shoot, not necessarily maintained trail and is a popular swimming spot. To limit our impact on this nesting pair and their potential offspring we are asking that folks don’t go to the point until further notice. We will continue to monitor the nest and get word out when either their young fledge or if the nest fails – naturally please. Update – (7/3) Checked nest and there was no activity seen, have left signs up and will return next week – if still no activity then the trail will be re-opened. Thanks for your understanding.

and a hats off and thanks to Fred Gralenski for noting Neoteny was misspelled in the last VSR. there are often a few dozen spelling/grammatical errors in each VSR, (its the Quaker in me - nobody's perfect) - and i truly appreciate it when they are mentioned, as i often don't pay attention to spelling and would like to have words spelled correctly. or at least most of them. 

ditchy sundews
photo by Javier Penelosa
Public Service announcement – from the mouth of the Penelosa….”Nice population of insectivorous sundews (Drosera rotundifolia) in a roadside ditch (Calderwood Neck Rd, near the Boy Scout Point Rd). Usually we have to venture into a wetland to see these, so the roadside population is a treat. Actually our roadside wetlands are pretty rich and worth a look: several species of peatmoss, sedges, rushes, twin flower, etc.”

Take it from Javier and "get down in a ditch with your bad self", so to speak and look at the peat moss. Do it. its better than looking at where you are going..

Upcoming Events:  Summer Wednesday bird walks – Wednesday July 11th and 18th – 8am-11am, meet at skoog park. Led by Kirk Gentalen. We’ll be going to wherever the birds are. note- the Wednesday bird walks will be on Wednesdays. not mondays, those would be monday morning bird walks. i'm not aware of any structured bird walks being offered on mondays with me leading. anyway, see you Wednesday!

Elderbirds- if you are someone (or know someone) who wants to join in the birdwatching fun but might be looking for some level ground (as if birdwatching wasn’t slow enough) then have them get in touch with me at or 2228. We've got a lively bunch interested in going, with plenty of room for more. this months walks will be Tuesdays July 10th and July 17th. please contact me for more information...

red- billed tropicbird
photo by john drury
Sightings - On the water -Word from the FlukeSeal IslandRed-billed Tropicbird sightings last week - 3 for 4, 3 for 3, or 4 for 3 on trips, either way a sweet week of tropicbird sightings. This is the 8th year for the Tropicbird in the Gulf of Maine, the 7th summer associated with Matinicus Rock and Seal Island. Who knows how many more years it can sustain this, get a glimpse of the Tropicbird while you can! Call John to set up a ride to Seal Island – 596 – 1841. It’s well worth it!

 Also seen on trips – Manx Shearwaters, Gannets, and Puffins, Razorbill, Terns, Parasitic Jaegers, and more. "I have seen other totally unbelievable things but i can't remember what  "- direct quote from the Captain.

lesser black-backed gull
photo by John drury
Plus - Hot Gulls, or just when you thought Gulls couldn’t get any sexier. Thanks to Fluke Captain John Drury for sending in these photos of some recent Gull visitors. Lesser Black-backed Gull (6/26) – birding ferryman Skip Small pointed out this Lesser Black-backed gull to John as he was getting on the ferry – conversation might have gone like this – “Hey, look at that lesser black-backed gull over there” – or something along those lines.

Lesser Black-backed Gulls are considered rare in the state of Maine fall-spring, and as far as Pierson (squared) & Vickery goes are not found in the state June-august. Looking at the photo, this is clearly identified as a Lesser BBGreater Black-backed Gulls. Anyway, kudos to Skip for spotting  and identifying the LBB and relaying its presence to john who got this wonderful picture of it. This is only  the second Lesser BB Gull reported to the VSR over the years – first in 4 years. Rare bird indeed.  

the albino one is sitting down
photo by john drury

…And as a bonus John spotted this albino Great Black-backed Gull on Little Brimstone last week. It’s been around and continues to be spotted nestling in with other Black-backeds.  

young cardinal
photo by sally
Baby Birds – it’s that time of the year, when all the little ones are released and the cries/demands of baby birds can be heard thru the woods and back yards. Makes you appreciate when there were solid afternoon naps. Fledglings (those who have left the nest recently) can move around pretty fast while being super skittish. Here’s a few fledglings spotted around the last few weeks – Robin, Grackle, Black-capped Chickadee, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Hairy and Downy Woodpecker, Golden-crowned Kinglets, Brown Creeper, White-throated and Song Sparrow, mourning doves

good parenting (judgement)
photo by sally
Sally from up on the hill had a family of Northern Cardinals  – 3 fledglings!- visiting her feeders recently (6/18-25th at least). Sally noted “the Daddy seems to check things out first for a few then the little one shows up”. Sally got some nice shots of the youngster and the dad - in the process feeding his progeny. we also lamented in the store about photos that got away, with the camera snapping moments before or after the male cardinal fed the offspring. got some nice shots sally! No recent word  of their status, most likely on their own by now.

Eider ducklings! - lane's, state beach, all around the island. here's an action video of some diving...

young merlin ventures out of nest
A story of timing and being there…Bill Chilles (VSR favorite) mentioned  to me in the parking lot about seeing a nest or something like it out State Beach way. He gave me some pretty good directions but still I couldn’t find whatever nest Bill was talking about. I did stick around for a while though because a Merlin falcon was yelling for extended stretches of time from trees nearby.

shy maiden

anyway, to make a long story short (too late!) i ended up finding an impossible Merlin nest with 3 young in it, and checked with Bill and this was not what he had seen.  On subsequent visits found some Shy Maidens (80+ in one patch) and some Dwarf Rattlesnake Plantain. So even though i never did see whatever bill saw, I can't thank him enough for putting me in the right place to for discovery, i certainly wouldn't have been there without him. Here's a video with 2 heads showing and the third youngster moving around to the right.

Around the island - Lane's - Common Nighthawk and tons of Fireflies seen around the preserve....Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow heard from the Basin Bridge and in the Ballground in town .... Broad-winged Hawks - Poor Farm, Carrying Place, Pleasant River, Zion farm road -...

leif proudly holding Tapioca Slime
moments after i told him it probably
wouldn't come up in one piece.
and where to start about the slime mold scene. with the recent rains and dark days the slime molds  have responded in numbers unheard of since the "summer of slime mold 2009" when the rains never relented and the trails were lines with slime. i even busted out the ol' clicker and had a 38 slime walk the other day. so here's to more rain! 

and here's to here's a montage of beauty that can only be described as....."mold"

chocolate tube slime forest - the basin

coral slime sanctuary - the basin

wolf's milk slime  - the basin

and of course - scrambled egg slime- basin

i really liked that part of the goo slid off the log.

wonder what kind of sound it made when it landed

and here's leify again starring in a slime mold video...
yes, its gooey.

bailey enjoys the ring-necked snake
big thanks to Nana
for spending time with us 
snakes - leify and i have had our run ins with snakes over the past few weeks.  we had a ring-necked snake and a smooth green snake for a few weeks. we brought to daycare and even had Nana hold with the boy.

tough guy

this little garter snake was super feisty, but not until i put him down. calm in the hand, didn't even musk me, but lunged at us a few times after words.

dead man's fingers
and fungus - with the rains the first amanitas, boletes, and chantrelles are popping up. but as far as i'm saying there are no chantrelles in the woods. but my favorite fungus of the season so far has been the Dead Man's Fingers growing on a stump where i park by bike at home. only the second time i've seen it on the island - VSR devotees will remember Linnell Mather had some in her yard a few years back. anyway, they are cool and fun to see.

anyway, that's enough.

see you out there.....